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Essence Pillar
Embodied Empowerment

Welcome on the website of Essence Pillar

You are welcome with your insecurity, fear of intimacy, shame, stress.

Your sexual issues, postpartum challenges, numbness, lack of pleasure. 

And your loss of libido, overweight and trauma.

Our lives are full of experiences and choices. 

Gradually or by a traumatic event we don't feel connected to ourselves, 

not present in our body and not tuned in to our feeling of being empowered.

When this happens, we need to get closer to our essence.


Essence Pillar offers you a way to open up freely, in a safe environment. 

The body is our field of practice. 

Working with the body is essential because events and choices become part of our body and nervous system. They become engraved on our behavior and identity. 

This is why talking alone won't lead you towards transformation.


My name is Femke van Gurp and in my individual sessions (in person in The Netherlands or online) I offer you a profound, embodied experience 

where you will be invited to release, return to your essence and evolve. 

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