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Self Pleasure Session

Sexuality is a natural flow that asks, demands an exchange with an open heart.

When we realize we came into being from sexuality, our confidence as sexual beings grows. There is a profound beauty in integrating our lust with our love. 

These sessions are about recognizing your authentic impulses and to go back to your own innocence, your excitement. Where is your orgasmic potential?

Who are you sexually and what are you curious about? 

You can partake in these sessions dressed and (partially) undressed. 

Themes you might bring in

  • Trauma (with of without a sexual origin)

  • Orgasmic potential 

  • Challenges around orgasms

  • Questions around erections

  • Lack of lifeforce 

  • Low libido 

  • Insecurity 

  • Selfdoubt

  • Relation issues

  • Shame around sexuality 

  • Sexual preferences

  • The desire to have a richer sexual life 

Possible techniques

  • Breathwork 

  • Emotion Regulation 

  • Bodywork 

  • Taoist Practices

  • Selftouch Practices 

  • Kundalini Practices 

  • Playfulness Practices 

  • Wheel of Consent 

  • Massage techniques 

  • Tantric Practices 

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