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Sessions For Men 

Collectively there is a shift in the position of men. How they view themselves, how they act in their private and professional life. Finding and creating a new position asks for inventiveness and adaptability, which stems from the inner leader. This session is meant to initiate a reset of your masculinity. As your therapist I am a mirror, a witness but also a hunter for conflict. In my presence you can find your challenges and shadows, confront and embrace them.

Possible themes you might bring into Sessions for Men 


  • Shame  

  • Selfrespect

  • Boundaries 

  • Mood swings 

  • Victim vs Leader 

  • Dominance 

  • Avoiding connection 

  • Rigidity 

  • Playfullness 

  • Boredom, numbness 

  • Relational issues 

  • Sexual desires

  • Mind driven 

  • Impatience, frustration

  • Mother issues 

  • Codependancy 

  • Anger expression

  • Addiction (eg. porn, substances)

  • Overburdened 

Possible Techniques 

  • Bodywork 

  • Breathwork 

  • Emotion Regulation 

  • Recapitulation 

  • Self touch 

  • Wheel of Consent 

  • Somatic Coaching

  • Mammal-Reptile Brain Practices 

  • All touching techniques (as mentioned in Touch The Body) 

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