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Pelvic Release

The pelvic floor, the hips, the muscles in that area of our body store a lot of unprocessed memories and emotions. Traumas can create a disbalans when we grow older.  

This is a very intimate part of the body and it is a beautiful experience to focus a whole session on this area. In order to let your energy flow through your body again, it is vital to open up and release the body. 

In this session I can work externally as well as internally, depending on your needs.

Theme's you might bring into a Pelvic Release


  • Feelings of ungroundedness 

  • Trauma (with or without sexual origin

  • Childbirth

  • Insecurity 

  • Fatigue 

  • Feelings of being stuck 

  • Physical pain 

  • Grief

  • Unprocessed emotions 

Possible techniques 

  • Pelvic massage 

  • Pelvic dearmouring 

  • Mapping

  • Internal touch 

  • Genital dearmouring 

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