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SAARA: 'Femke came to my life by accident, I didn't know I was looking for her help. She helped me to release trauma and connect with my heart and body. She is a kind and patient soul. She creates a safe environment and makes it comfortable to feel. She designs every appointment uniquely to your needs. She holds the space and makes you feel seen and heard. It helped me to let ​challenging emotions come out. Her coaching sessions helped me to connect with my self love, confidence and sexuality. My body feels lighter and I feel I can breathe again without pain. Her work is loving, very intense and effective.' 

DONDEYNE: 'Femke is a very warm and lively therapist. Because her interventions are aimed at experience, they were a welcome change from all rationalization and for me very powerful. Within a few sessions I noticed that I was more in touch with my body, my femininity and my own wishes and I am very grateful to her for that.'

NICOLLE: 'Femke passed by on my timeline. Her workshop triggered me. Pfff, but I thought that was exciting. Love for my own body was an issue. I felt blockages and trauma in my pelvic area. She offered to call first. Her voice was so soft and she was non-judgmental and understanding to my judgments about my body. This made me dare to come.'

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