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with Femke van Gurp

Welcome to Essence Pillar

I am Femke and I work as a relationship therapist, counselor and sexologist.

In all my sessions I work somatically.

But what does that even mean?

Somatics means focusing on the body, 'embodiment', which is a deeper presence, awareness and understanding of what is going on .

Restrictions that inhibit pleasure are released - which allows space for growth, more choice and play.

Why do I work like this ?

Because it is incredibly effective!

In working 1:1 and in the relationship sessions, it is of fundamental importance to acknowledge the connection between the body and the mind.

I offer:

- Relationship therapy (for all relationship shapes and forms)

- Somatic sexology, for all things sex and intimacy related

- Counseling sessions

All my work is trauma informed and client centered.

Feel welcome to get in touch for a free, first talk:

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