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My way of counseling is somatically. In effective therapy we need to engage the full lived body, including emotional aspects, for real change to happen. We need simple, effective practices that develop embodied awareness and capacities to fully show up and pay attention at increasingly subtle levels, to live more choiceful, connected and vibrant lives. You will develop greater confidence as you further grow in embodied awareness.

  • Self-doubt

  • Self sabotage

  • Insecurity

  • Lack of pleasure

  • Indecisiveness

  • Trauma

  • Intuition/autonomy

  • Body shame

  • Chaos/drama

  • People pleaser

  • Disconnected from intuition

  • Hyperfocus/sensitivity

  • Over/understimulated


* 'Femke is a very warm and lively therapist. Because her interventions are aimed at experience, they were a welcome change from all rationalization and for me very powerful. Within a few sessions I noticed that I was more in touch with my body, my lust for life and my own wishes and I am very grateful to her for that.'


All sessions are €95 per hour.

The length and frequency of the sessions depends on what you need, I can advise you in this.

Pricing is included VAT.


Sessions take place in the city center of Maastricht, in my own practice space,

where there is peace and privacy.

It is also possible to have the sessions in your own home or another space.


Sessions can be in English or in Dutch.


I offer online sessions through Zoom .


Before you book your first session you can have a free of charge 20 minute clarity call with me.

* 'Femke helped me to release stored trauma and connect with my heart and body. She holds the space and makes you feel seen and heard. It really helped me to feel safe and let challenging emotions to come up. I feel safe with her to talk about past trauma and work through the memories and let the energy go.'

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