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Relationship Therapy

I work with couples who would like to come closer to each other.

Couples often have a long history before they reach out. In a relationship subtle things can grow into difficult annoying habits. Life goes so fast, it is hard to keep track of the connection you care most about.

On an emotional, physical, sexual level people can have very different needs and desires.


Is it possible to build the connection, to deepen the relationship, without sacrificing your own autonomy? Sometimes the relationship agreements need to be rewritten. I work with couples who are curious about themselves and who are willing to learn,

in appreciation of the otherness of their partner.

Any relationship constellations are welcome; monogamous and non-monogamous.

Themes you might bring into a Couple Session

  • Communications

  • Connection

  • Relationship dynamics

  • Sexuality

  • Lack of intimacy

  • Boredom

  • Trauma

  • Trust

  • Relational contracts

  • Power

  • Parenthood and intimacy

  • Avoidance and anxiety

  • Loneliness

  • Stagnation

  • Desire to deepen the relationship

* 'Femke's work is loving and at the same time very intense, confrontational and effective. For us, there was a period before we started working with her and the period after. '

* 'Femke is a kind and patient soul. She created an environment for us and made it comfortable to feel and express ourselves. She took the time and designed every appointment uniquely to our needs.'


All sessions are €95 per hour.

The length and frequency of the sessions depends on what you need, I can advise you in this.

Pricing is included VAT.


Sessions take place in the city center of Maastricht, in my own practice space,

where there is peace and privacy.

It is also possible to have the sessions in your own home or another space.


Sessions can be in English or in Dutch.


I offer online sessions through Zoom .


Before you book your first session you can have a free of charge 20 minute clarity call with me.

* 'It was just incredible. Without Femke's strong holding, without the trust I had in her ability to ground me and my partner and stay with us in total presence while we traveled, I would never have been able to receive the insights I did.'

Image by Pablo Heimplatz
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